Friday, September 21, 2012

Pascal's wager


  1. Actually the cartoon is incorrect. In Navi it's stated that, given the choice between belief and proper behaviour, proper behaviour is considered more important. Certainly proper behaviour in absence of belief still has some value and will receive its reward at the right time.

    1. I had to read your comment several times before I could figure out what you’re talking about.

      At the risk of ruining the joke by explaining it, the cartoon shows a young boy being told a version of Pascal’s Wager. The second panel shows the boy, grown into a man, wanting to go to Heaven and having his way blocked by Jesus, who tells him that his Dad (i.e., God) is happy that he’s done mitzvos, but, (as per Christian belief), because he didn’t believe in Jesus, he can’t go to Heaven.

      To this, if I understand correctly, you’re replying that Navi says that proper behavior is more important than proper belief, so proper behavior will be rewarded. In other words, you’re using Jewish theology to refute a cartoon that highlights the incompatibility of Jewish and Christian (and by extension, many other religion’s) theology.

      You’re completely missing the point.

    2. Maybe Jesus should be wearing a nametag, I didn't get it either.

  2. i never understood why (presumably) right winger types (religious or not) do not apply pascals wager to the environment.

    if global warming is not real, so big deal, you did a little extra, with good intentions, but if it is.....