Friday, February 8, 2013

The Scientists’ Cabal

I realized recently that the Chareid world HAS to adopt the attitude that anyone who questions the party line is part of a conspiracy to destroy religion in general and Yiddishkeit in particular. It’s the logical conclusion of their belief system:

1. Torah is obviously true – Avraham Avinu realized that Hashem runs the world while sitting by himself in a cave at three years old.
1a. Given that Torah/Yiddishkeit is obviously true, anyone who seriously questions any part of it must be trying to poke holes in it in order to justify his desire to disregard the mitzvos.
2. Huge chunks of modern science call traditional understandings of the Torah into question.
2a. It must be that the scientists are trying to poke holes in Yiddishkeit  order to justify their desire to disregard the ratzon Hashem.
C. There is a huge conspiracy among the world’s scientists to actively discredit religion.

If you need more proof of the conspiracy, well, a huge percentage of scientists are atheists or deists. Obviously they’re trying to justify their beliefs by asking questions on Judaism. It CAN’T be the other way around, that their scientific knowledge and inquiries lead them to become atheists and deists, because, as stated in premise 1, it is so obvious that the Torah is true that even a three year old could figure it out on his own!

It follows that anyone who reconciles what we know about the how the world works and what traditional sources say in favor of the real world is part of the conspiracy and/or has been seduced by it. 


  1. Reb Elchonon actually says pretty much everything you mentioned (except he discusses the centuries of philosophers questioning God's existence) - it's in "Maamarei Agados" in the back of Chidushim to Yevamos.
    It was this "ma'amar" that significantly caused me to go OTD, cause the premise that he claims that the only reason philosophers wouldn't see the glaringly and blatantly obvious existence of God is (as usual...) because of their taavos and their being blinded and biased for them, whereas WE Torah learners have NO bias at all... :) as if wanting a wonderful eternal existence of perfect bliss after death is not even a slight bias...

  2. That ma'mar from rav elchanan was a huge turnoff for me also. I heard it from a rebbe when I was in high school. At the time I was having serious doubts about God and the divinity of Torah. But I really wanted to believe so badly and I was so disturbed by my doubts. And then I hear this rebbe quote rav elchanan that the only reason a person wouldn't believe is because of their tayvos.

  3. Second-son please keep this blog alive and get the message out that OJ is false. I heard about this Cabal from Rabbi's (before most of your bloggers were even born) , but found the Rabbi's and OJ community are the liers, not the scientists. Then I was told there was something wrong with my brain or my thinking or some terrible thing happened to me in Yeshiva. BULL. OJ IS JUST BULL. WE HAVE TO STOP THE INSANITY.