Monday, December 15, 2014

If God Was One of Us…

If God Was One of Us…

A hundred thousand years from now, technology has progressed almost beyond what anyone today could have imagined. A man, an R&D engineer named Bob, is fiddling with his company's latest model of long-distance transporter, and serendipitously discovers how to transport himself outside of space-time. Excited at his new discovery, he grabs a couple of instruments that will let him measure and manipulate the non-space. After a few years, he's figured out how do things in the non-space nothingness.

Using his futuristic technology, Bob creates a universe - our universe, the same one that he came from. Ignoring the paradox, Bob nurtures the universe. Existing outside of space-time, Bob is eternal, and unconstrained by time. His instruments allow him to monitor everything about the universe, and he knows everything that happened/is happening/will happen in the universe. He wants only the best for the inhabitants of the universe, and he can use his technology to manipulate the universe at will. As intelligent beings evolve, Bob gives them instructions for how to best live their lives. Unfortunately these instructions are almost always clothed in mythology, but Bob decides not to interfere too much, and lets the various intelligent species get on with their lives.

Bob is eternal, omnipotent, omniscient, and omni-benevolent, created the universe and has given revealed wisdom. Is Bob God?

On a completely unrelated note, I came across something really interesting today. Apparently the leading theory for why repeating a word over and over makes it sound like gibberish is that repeating the word causes the neurons that code the meaning of the word to fire over and over. After a few repetitions, the neurological response becomes less and less, much like how when you walk into someone's house you may notice its unique smell, but after a few minutes it fades as your olfactory nerves stops responding to it. As the neurological excitement ceases, you stop noticing the smell - or stop attaching meaning to the sound that you're making.

I think it's fascinating that we have answers to "weird" things like this. And it shows how our experiences really can be reduced to brain functions.


  1. Your post reads like pure conjecture and science fiction. It is impossible for anything to monitor every thing that goes on. It is more probable rather than supernatural being(s) creating or fashioning us, us humans have imagined these supernatural being(s)

  2. The post is a thought experiment, not an argument for what/who God might be. The question is, if a human has all of God's attributes is he God? Or does God have to be a mysterious, unknowable Being in order for us to think of Him as God?


  4. No, Bob is not God. God, by definition, is The First Cause. Bob came out of his mother's uterus, and she from her's, etc. Bob was created, God was not.

    1. But Bob IS the first cause. He created the universe. Why is that he also was born relevant?

      More importantly, would you keep the mitzvos if it was Bob who gave the Torah?